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Monday, November 2, 2015

Nur Damia Qairina 2nd Birthday

salam semua

wah dah lama tak update, sekali setahun je dapat update.. especially masa birthday NDQ...

dulu masa her first birthday, takde budget nak buat birthday besar2an.. sebab masa tu baru je start working.. so mmg dah niat dalam hati nak buat jugak for her 2nd bday..buat pun takde la besar mane... jemput sedara n kwn2 yg dekat je....

so sebulan sebelum tu dah start pkir nak bg ape dekat kids yg dtang (goodies bag)..i buat 50pcs party packs.. semua stiker tu design sendiri .. dengan gigih nya print, potong and tampal.

this is what i put for NDQ party pack, nothing fancy pun... hehehe

  1. MINERAL WATER - penat print n edit nama mia for the mineral water nie, babah dia tolong tampalkan.. tak byk pun buat just 50 botol je selebihnya buat minum sendiri

2. CANDY JAR- botol nie lebih masa wedding i dulu.. so now the balance include dlam party pack mia...hehehe we just buy sumi and letak dlm tu...

the candy buffet and cakes we just order dekat kawan kitaorg yg mmg buat benda2 nie... tak mahal pun candy buffet is about RM250 and the cake is about RM 200.
So semue deco for candy buffet mmg butterlicious yg buat.. cantik kan.. mmg kreatif husband & wife in

thank you pada semua yang sudi datang birthday Damia... maaf kalo ada terkurang.... alhamdullilah dapat jugak buat birthday damia.. mane yang ummi mampu je k ... insyallah ada rezeki tahun depan buat lagi... amin..

semoga Damia jadi anak yang solehah. yang bijak, yang dengar ckp ummi n babah...

Today, you turned two. For weeks now you’ve been talking about your “happy birthday” and exclaiming “two!” proudly while gesturing with your hands. You’re very excited for your toy story birthday. I love seeing you so grown up. So different from your happy birthday last year where I’m sure you didn’t even know what was really happening.

This past year has gone by so quickly and so many things have happened and changed over the past twelve months that it’s hard for me to unjumble all these memories and tell you about the amazing girl you’re blossoming in to. It’s unfortunate, how memory works. How it tangles itself up and changes what had been and stains it with the now. But what is most important. Now, then, and forever is that I love you so much. You light up every room. Your smile and your crinkled nose when you laugh is pure delight. And when you say, “Nooo” in this absurd tone of the audacity of the question I love you even more than the moment before.

You are beautiful. So unbelievably beautiful. And I pray, and I beg, and I hope and wish that you will always know it. There is nothing that I hate more than my never ending need to have that reaffirmed and my complete doubt even when it is. And I hope I can tell you enough that you are. And I hope you can look in the mirror and see it in your smile, in the light in your eye, in the blonde wisps of your hair. And so much deeper than that. Your laugh, and your heart, and your love that is all your beauty.

There is so much I wish for you, there is so much I want you to know. But if I could tell you just one thing it would be that you can lose everything in a heartbeat and if you’re always worried about tomorrow you’re never really living today. So exhale and then jump.

I love you,

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