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Friday, July 8, 2011

Transformers 3 : dark of the moon

hey dolls
i watched transformers 3 times... first i watch with my friend, then with mel and then with budak tecik.....Great! The most anticipated Transformers: Dark of the Moon is already on the silver screen.
Know what I noticed? Everyone seem to be frantically buying Transformers 3 tickets as though it’s going be the end of the world – when the Deceptions plan to rebuild Cybertron on Earth.
Oh no, spoiler alert?!
transformers 3 poster
Nah… bet you have watched it once, if not more. I know some Transformers fanatics re-watch countless times (ego boost?) in the cinemas, but I won’t bother watching again.
So… this isn’t exactly a Transformers 3 review. It’s just some personal thoughts and opinions on this blockbuster movie.
Alright, one word for Transformers 3 – Disappointment. Oh wait, I think someone just went “WTF? It’s damn awesome OK!”
transformers 3 sam
Let me justify my statement. Pretty much the same storyline as the previous installments. Decepticons almost win, again, but eventually defeated. It’s simply predictable.
Started off with Sam Witwicky trying to live a normal life that obviously will never happen because eventually again, he’s the first to discovered Deceptions’ dirty conspiracy plan.
Same plot – he warned the Autobots, faced obstacles, tagged chick along, yada yada, Bumblee Bee appeared out of no where, Megatron returned, Optimus Prime believes in freedom and a gigantic battle ensued.
transformers 3 carly
New girlfriend Carly Spencer (by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) is a beauty, but just not right lah. Too tall for Sam. She can run, jump buildings, climb and survive with high heels. Her white outfit doesn’t seem to get dirty. No cuts whatsoever after smashing through window panes. Wut?
You know, she surprisingly knocked some sense into Megatron! Then, Megatron tried to kill Sentinel Prime – but Optimus Prime double-killed them instead. 10 seconds kill. Wut?!
Moving on, despite the predictable ending – there were only 2 unpredictable parts. First, Sentinel Prime turned sides. Second, prince charming Dylan (Patrick Dempsey) was actually assisting the Deceptions as well.
transformers 3 dylan
Evil prince in this movie, no doubt.
IMHO, Transformers 3 wasn’t mind-boggling – didn’t go “WOAH damn awesome!” at all. I was quite laid-back throughout the movie. After all, it’s just robots wrestling against each other.
transformers 3 sentinel prime
I thought newcomer Sentinel Prime is gonna be the ultimate hero but he turned out to be a bad ass Autobot.
transformers 3 shockwave
Shockwave, on the other hand, should have done better. With his worm-drilling companion, together they were unstoppable. But despite being gigantic, the worm eventually got chopped to death by tiny (when compared size) Optimus. Pathetic.
Not long after that, Shockwave got gang-banged by a bunch of puny humans. It suddenly became weak and was pathetically destroyed as well. Wutafak man?
transformers 3 battle
One thing worth complimenting is definitely the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The graphic illustrations are realistic. The incorporation with the real world is almost flawless.
But it’s funny how a tiny bunch of Autobots and an even tinier bunch of humans managed to defeat a plethora of monstrous Decepticons. Oh come on, they have friggin’ massive warships…!!!
transformers 3 decepticon warship
With hundreds (I assume) of Deceptions on fighter jets! But still.. cannot win against a handful of Autobots. They damn suay lah, no wonder Autobots so lucky.

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