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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Venue

hi dolls

so we have about 2 months to do preparation.. since it is unplanned.... banyak la benda nak kena buat.... kitaorg decide to do nikah on 12.12.12.... di bawah tajaan masjid....
so untuk nikah actually masjid akan sponsor everything since their doing a program called " kahwin beramai2" hahahaha 

sebenarnya i tak tau ape nama program tu. but my mom said tu program masjid... 10 pasangan pengantin akan diijab kabulkan serentak..... syukur kitaorg made the list... just because my mom tu AJK masjid.... :) 

so what we need to do now is prepare barnag hantaran... tu keje busu tapi barang2 tu kitaorg la sediakan.... some dah beli some belum beli lagi....

ok now for the venue... untuk nikah akan diadakan di masjid la.... but we haven't decided yet where exactly we want to held this wedding... i don't want to do it at home because too small to held a wedding.... 

Anyway, I got few places and still looking for other suitable places for my big day.

1. My current home - Too small to held a wedding.

2. Hotels / Halls - mama suke option nie but all the halls are fully booked.

3. Kunang-kunang - garden wedding ..nice..still thinking

4. Kampung Pengantin - Will go for site visit in few weeks. 

which one to choose>>>.

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