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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#23111-476 Takers

Hey dolls

last weekend me pegi tgk movie takers kat e-curve dgn dak tecik, dak tecik belanja... comel jer... hurm berbalik pada movie nie... sangat style ok pelakon2 dia... mcam cite ocean twelve.. macho giler.. cool giler

paul walker tu dah sah2 la encem n style kan tapi ada sorang pelakon nie, dia bawak watak AJ, pergh style siot! dgn topi dia............... hahahahaha fallin in loves kowt dgn watak AJ nie.. rupe2nya Hayden Christensen yg bawak watak tu.. pergh style ok... sgt inloves.. 

movie nie sgt best tak rugi korang g tgk.. ni synopsis dia

Gordon (Idris Elba), Jesse (Chris Brown), Jake (Michael Ealy), John (Paul Walker) and A.J. (Hayden Christensen) are obscenely wealthy, swaggering tough guys, designing and pulling off major robberies.  Following a seamless sting, the gang are approached by ex-partner Ghost (T.I.), who has hatched a new heist.  But Ghost seems to be carrying some grudges against Gordon and the others. These originate from a previous job gone wrong that landed him a five year prison sentence and a personal vendetta against Jake, whom, as Ghost so eloquently states “took my bitch from me.”
If that isn’t sketchy enough, also hot on their trail are obsessive detectives Welles (Matt Dillon) and Hatcher (Jay Hernandez).  Yet, the crooks decide to go ahead with the elaborate proposal — because there wouldn’t be a movie if they were rational — one which must be executed in a mere five days and involves the detonation »

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