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Thursday, July 9, 2009

#23111-335 My Dream Car

as korang tau aku memang nak tukar kete; so sgt la berkenan kat PRoton Saga S.E.. Kenape?? entah macam smart....

Proton Saga S.E 1.3 liter (special edition or sport edition.. huhu) launched by Najib (malaysia Prime Minister) together with Proton Exora Manual Transmission

Harga :-
Proton Saga SE Manual - RM43,000

Proton Saga SE Auto - RM45,500

It got 2 color to choose solid white and brilliant red with a black finish roof top

New front, rear (with faux diffuser design) and side skirts.

A new front grille with black finish.

Leather seats, door trim and steering wheel

Pearl white instrument cluster

Dark chrome air-conditioning vents

CD player with MP3 support

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