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Friday, October 29, 2010

#23111-470 my stupid EX

hey dolls

yesterday was a disaster.... i'm emotionally unstable... disebabkan oleh seorang makhluk bernama EX.... and ada jugak side2 effect yang lain.. due to some reason my facebook telah deactivate.. until when i'm not sure but for now, this is the best solution i can find.... and my  ym pun dah di off untuk sementara waktu... so ape je yg tinggal? hahaha tinggal la my blog, my tumblr, my twitter and also my foursquare... benda2 yg tak menyakitkan hati and tak menyarukan hati perut aku... 

now time to change my number as well. thinking of goin to celcom and off my maxis number. but not sure when.. hee hee i'm hoping with this changes the EX wont bother me anymore. and i can live my life peacefully. 

if the EX is reading this, this is for u 

" i dgn u dah over. i dah let go of my past and u are part of it. please stop bothering me with all your stupid questions and all your phone calls at 3 am in the morning. whatever happen to u or anyone else in ur life, i couldn't be bother anymore. i have my own life and i'm doing fine without u. one more thing, stop calling me babe! pls i'm not impress at all with the picture u took for me, i'm not impress with u remembering my birthday, and i'm not impress with u and  ur life.its too late anyway. please la stop saying i nie hati batu just because i tak terime u balik, and kalo u nak sgt ur stuff, please give me back all the stuff n my money that u used during we were together. get these hasif, i'm done with u, and there is no way in hell we will be together again, so stop all this nonsense and so please MOVE ON!!!!!"

i think i said enough. 

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