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Sunday, July 12, 2009

#23111-340 Hey Single Ladies!

for those yg tahu what happen semalam  bagus la.. cuz i dont think i nak cite kat sini... what i know its already over between me and him... siapakah him itu? dia adalah makhluk yg i sayang before nie...

kenape over after lebih a year??? it just take one word to made me decide what is the best for me... may be before this i byk sabar and byk mengalah tapi kali nie tak lagi... so im a single ladies yall

i dah maafkan ape dia ckp tapi untuk i lupe kan mungkin tak; so better this; i just realized something yesterday, yang how much fun life can be for a single ladies.....kat club dance with all my gurl... i have a great time yesterday....

so mmg susah at first nie, tapi i think i'll be okay.... so for those yg single kat luar sila tinggalkan no anda kat saya k.. hua hua hua gedik jap

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